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Shop for artwork based on themed collections. Each image may be purchased as a canvas print, framed print, metal print, and more! Every purchase comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Each image may be purchased as a canvas print, framed print, metal print, and more! Every purchase comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

About Anne Cameron Cutri

PLEASE NOTE: I HAVE some ORIGINALS LISTED ON this WEBSITE: FOR PURCHASE. And SOME ORIGINALS LISTED HERE: Also I just started a line of merchandise, I'm particularly pleased with some of the purses. Please go to: there's tshirts, home decor and jewelry and accessories.

Encouraging comments from people who have viewed and purchased my work:

"Your people portraits are outstanding. I am so inspired. Plus, I wanted to mention that your Biblical themed art works (truth inspired works) are works that swirl around in my head, but I haven't gotten to paint/draw yet. The ideas are there but the product isn't there yet, if you know what I mean. Anyway, thank you for sharing your talent. Priceless." Christy in Ohio. (Tickled Pink)

"Anne, your artwork is very beautiful and 'Spirit' comes through very strongly. You have a wonderful gift to use to help heal the world. Bright Blessings" Marin from Ireland (Annunciation)

"Ann, this is amazing piece and let me tell you why.... when i was a child, i used to think that I could use a ladder to climb up to heaven to visit God. Also, I used to think that I could place chairs on top of chairs and form my own ladder that way to get there... So, it pleases me to see that concept in your art. See, spirits do communicate! Have a blessed night !" Fania in Florida (Father's House)

"Your current profile pic painting is really beautiful (I am a butterfly-loving person), which led me to check out your Etsy shop. As I mentioned before, mom passed away just this past July 24, after suffering many complications due to a simple broken ankle months prior. My siblings and I are in the process of designing her memorial stone, and the symbol of the dove(actually 2, since someday dad will be laid to rest there, also) is one of the images we have chosen.

When I saw the piece, read your notes, and clicked on the link to Fine Art America(which didn't link to you directly, so I had to find it by searching for the title of the painting, btw fyi), and after reading your description about how a human rights organization chose the image with the word JUSTICE added to it, everything just came together, & I knew it was meant to be, as I briefly described in my note to you.

Yes, to me it is definitely proof that God does get directly involved in the hearts and lives of His children. I thank YOU for allowing the Holy Spirit to work through your art to touch our hearts.

My life, especially within this past year or so, can easily be compared to a rough and bumpy roller coaster ride, consisting of many ups and downs along the way. "You just can't make this stuff up.", has been my M.O. There are too many chapters of the book to mention, but today's experience has definitely been a wonderful blessing, which I will remember whenever I see your beautiful painting." Deb in NY (Prophetic MS 20)

"I bought the largest print available. It speaks to me at such a profound level. We are creators and the very essence or stuff that we use to create is available to all of us. We form intentions and then we bring those intentions into creation through our choices, our mind sets, and our actions. We become weavers which is what this print signifies for me. Anne creates amazing paintings." David in Michigan (Prophetic MS 20)

"Very awesome image of a fantastic miracle of God. I read that they believe the walls actually went into the ground allowing the Israelites to enter easily. God is grand, His wonders to perform. The greatest wonder today is that He sends His word and the walls in our hearts fall down and He enters easily through love. Glory.!" Kathy in Alabama (Blowing the Shofar at Jericho)

"Anne, I've been on your site for over an hour this morning! I've been in amazement, I've wept before the Lord as I've read what he gave you for your paintings, I've rejoiced with you! You have been such a blessing and a tool of our Father for me! God bless you and I will be back many times..I love all I've seen so far!" Marsha from Indiana (Prophetic MS 13)

PLEASE NOTE: I HAVE some ORIGINALS LISTED ON this WEBSITE: FOR PURCHASE. And SOME ORIGINALS LISTED HERE: Also I just started a line of merchandise, I'm particularly pleased with some of the purses. Please go to: there's tshirts, home decor and jewelry and accessories.

Also I love it if you "like" my facebook page--Anne Cameron Cutri Fine Art. Share with your friends please!

As you look on my gallery pages, you will see mostly spiritually driven artwork. Some I have done for fun, but most of my work is done from my personal inner journey. You may think, what does this person really believe in? You will see things that may seem like they are from eastern thought or tradition or metaphysics, some may have Christian themes. Even in the Christian themes you may see biblical reference in a Catholic tradition, some in a non-denominational tradition. Each represents a phase in my journey. Though the images may have just been uploaded a couple of years ago, some paintings may have been produced twenty or more years ago. Most recently are my Christian prophetic sketches, with Catholic biblical reference. Now (8-16-2012) I feel I have been led to let go of all that takes me away from Christ including man-made dogma,ritual and tradition. I'm excited to see where this will lead me!!! By far the bible and having a relationship with Christ is the most powerful and rewarding and one I am committed to. After all He showed us what love is. What a hard example to live up to...but well worth it!

Anne Cutri has shown her work from Boston to Dallas and points in between. In past reviews, her work has been described as . . . luminous, spinning, glowing celebrations of the universe housing its own consciousness as humanity..."( John Bender, "In Pittsburgh) "Cutri paintings communicate ideas of spirituality and metaphysics through her use of sweeping color, canvas juxtaposition, and diffuse imagery, merging Eastern and Western traditions in her vision" (Valerie Johnson, Little Rock Free Press) Most recently, Cutri 's work embodies her personal mysticism, mystery married whimsical reverence. The thick strokes covered in rich oil glazes engage the observer in a very disarming way.

Decorative surrealism or symbolic abstraction, Cutriï's paintings are clearly the work of a visionary. Her first big influence was Georgia O'Keefe and in her early 20s, Cutri traveled to Taos, New Mexico, to find her. Cutri recalls, O'Keefe was still alive then, and I even found her house, but was told that she had been moved to a hospital or nursing facility. Faced with just a rental car and the unfamiliar territory of this red-earthed town , I realized the only way to get to know her, would be to take in the landscape around me, and try to see what she saw. I then began to pray, meditate and absorb her world around me. Soon after that, Cutri researched other artists based on O'keefe's style and influences. This lead her to such artists as Odilon Redon, Jackson Pollock, William Baziotes, Mark Rothko, Agnes Pelton and many others particularly naive and folk artists.

Anne Cutri has been a practicing professional artist for over 30 years. Her paintings have been shown with Paul Laffoley at the Boston Visionary Cell (see American Visionary Art Museum) and Beth Ames Swartz and Nancy Azara at Sun Cities Art Museum. Other galleries and museums include but are not limited to: Frick Fine Arts at the University of Pittsburgh, University of Dallas, Arkansas Art Center, LaFond Gallery, Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, Trumbull Art Gallery, Rivermarket Art Space. Cutri is also featured in private and commercial collections, including a 15 painting commission for the pediatric office of Dr. Joseph Barber. Her children�s book illustrations, including the commercially distributed Henry the Hesitant Heron, reflect the same versatile whimsy as her two decades of painting. Cutri has written and illustrated three children's books, and is currently working on a graphic novel.

If you are interested in the original painting, talk to me about price--it is negotiable. On the multiple canvas pieces, if you are thinking of buying a print, I suggest that you buy a paper print and then take it to your local frame shop and have them drymount it to foam core and then cut out the print along the image of the canvas to eliminate the background, Then mount on a mat board a color of your choice.

FYI: I will be glad take any one of the images here and add your personal note, scripture, inspirational saying or quote. Just email me and I will add it on at no extra charge.

You can purchase originals at the website link to the right. If the artwork is not up, please inquire via email.

Also, if you purchase a print, I would love to hear from you, via email. We don't get to know who you are, when a print is ordered, just where you are from. I would love to send you a personal thank-you! Just drop me a line via email if you wish. If not, thank-you so much for appreciating my work, and have a Blessed day, week and in the years to come!

For the most current resume go to my linkedin site

PO Box 1172 Waterford, Pa 16441 814-490-2126

FINE ART EXHIBITIONS/COMMISSIONS______________________________
2012 BIBLICAL ART MUSEUM, DALLAS, TEXAS, Dec. 5-12, Invitational Holiday Exhibition
2012 BATA (Buckeye Art Therapy Association) Sept. 6-8: Releasing and Reforming: Art Therapy as Social Action, Co- lecturer (testimonial) with Bob Tavani "Undergraduates and the Therapeutic Art Experience"
2010-11 ANNE CUTRI FINE ART-FINE ART COMMISSION PORTRAITURE: USA, Clients include Mrs. W.C. Brown, Mrs. Birdsong, Ms. Ellie Smeal WORLDWIDE, established website and print on demand feature.

TWO ARTISTS/OUR PROMISE: Hot Springs Airport, Arkansas Anne Cutri and Pat Daulong paintings to benefit local nonprofit to help people with cancer

ARKANSAS CATHOLIC, �Hot Springs parishioner personalizes psalms with artwork�, Little Rock , AR., May 22, 2010, article written by John J. Archibald about my original psalms and artwork .

THE SENTINEL RECORD, �Original Psalms: Local artist, writer shares faith in blog�, March 10, 2010. Review of psalms, artwork and blog

2010-06 PRIVATE STUDIO ART CLASSES. Hot Springs, AR. Designed curriculum and taught through demonstration
2006 BEGINNINGS: Mustard Tree Arts Productions, Art Festival, Little Rock, AR. Juried Art Show. 4 works shown.


THE 23RD PSALM: Mustard Tree Arts Productions, Art Festival, Little Rock, AR. Juried Art show.

2005 TRINITY ARTS CONFERENCE, Dallas, TX. Group show of participants.

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE__________________________________________

2010-07 FLUID SEALING SOLUTIONS, Hot Springs, AR. : Administration/Sales; Responsible for commercial accounts from ordering and filling orders, shipping and receiving, billing. Researched Government procurement opportunities. Interacted with contracting officers, engineers, and sales people. Filled out forms for explicit access to drawings. Assessed drawings to see if it was a good match for our manufacturers, bid and won contracts, fulfilled orders including special packaging requirements, RFID, and bar coding, delivered those products on time. Doubled salary in the first year through commissions from sales. The second year increased sales by 30 percent. Programs used: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, and QuickBooks.

DESIGN / ILLUSTRATION_____________________________________________

2001 ERIE TIMES NEWS - Erie, PA; Design and Illustration for the Marketing Department. present Including 4-color single copy inserts, color and black and white ads, design and illustration of Newspaper In Education supplements, brochures, invitations, posters, etc.

1999 MACARONI CREATIVE SERVICES - Freelance creative service started in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Providing fine art, illustration and graphic design. Local clients- St. Luke�s Episcopal Church, Arlington Hotel

1998-96 RED ROOF AND HOBBY LOBBY - Hot Springs, AR, custom picture framing

FINE ART EXHIBITIONS______________________________________________

1998 SOMAKATOLIGON: Degrees of Embodiment - Art and Mind Physics. Federal Reserve Bank of Boston Gallery, Boston, Massachusetts. Sponsored by the Boston Visionary Cell, Inc. and Paul Laffoley. Participated in group fine art exhibition. Invited to give a slide presentation along with Harvard scholars.

1997 ARKANSAS ARTS CENTER - Little Rock, Arkansas, 40th Annual Delta Exhibition of Painting and Sculpture. Juror, Charles Desmarais, Director of the Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati, Ohio. Accepted to this group fine art exhibition.

CATALOG (that included my work) 40th ANNUAL DELTA, Arkansas Art Center, Little Rock, Arkansas, 1997

REVIEW (about above exhibition I participated in) VALERIE JOHNSON, 40th Annual Delta Exhibition, FREE PRESS, Sept. 17-30, 1997

SUFFICIENT GROUNDS - Little Rock, Arkansas, Group show that runs quarterly, Curator-Greg Thompson, Greg Thompson Fine Arts.

REVIEW (about above exhibition I participated in) VALERIE JOHNSON, Arkansas Artists Display Talents, FREE PRESS, Sept. 3-16 1999

AMERICAN ART GALLERY - Hot Springs, Arkansas, representing paintings of local interest Anne and Willie Gilbert, proprietors.

1996 ARDOR - Gallery in the Park, Hot Springs, Arkansas. Sonja Crawford, Director. Solo exhibition

1995 FEMININE SPIRIT - Gallery in the Park, Hot Springs, Arkansas. Fourteen works exhibited. Curated by Sharon Libbert, George Asimos and Joe Correia. Paintings featured in promotional brochure for the Park Hotel.

EARTH, MIND AND SPIRIT - Sun Cities Art Museum, Sun City, Arizona, Director-George Palovich. International Friends of Transformative Art. Artists included were Beth Ames Swartz and Nancy Azara.

PURCELL�S - Hot Springs, Arkansas, representing paintings of local interest. Marsha Johnson, proprietor.
UPSTAIRS STUDIOS - Hot Springs, Arkansas Opened up working studios with 3 other artists as part of the monthly gallery walk.

GOLDEN LEAVES - - Hot Springs, Arkansas, Christmas show by invitation. Twenty works exhibited. Donna France, proprietor.


1994 ENERGY EMPORIUM - Hot Springs, Arkansas; letterhead, logo and brochure illustrations
1994 TRUSTAR PRODUCTIONS - Hot Springs, Arkansas; cassette tape cover illustrations

FINE ART EXHIBITIONS________________________________________________

1993 INTO THE NIGHT - Paintings from dreams and other cosmic things, - Olivia Engh Gallery, Pittsburgh,
Pennsylvania, Joe Davis, Director.
ART FOR THE HOMELESS - Duncan and Porter House, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
1992 ART FOR ALL - Cleveland Public Theatre, Cleveland, Ohio. A multidisciplinary investigation, Bernie Jungle, Director.

L'ASSOLUTO NATURALE - Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Director- John Bender.
MATERIAL/ETHERIAL - Paradise on Craig, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
REVIEW - (about above solo exhibition) JOHN BENDER, Material/Ethereal, IN PITTSBURGH, September, 1992
PEEP SHOW - Burmingham Loft, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. A multidisciplinary show investigating the theme of its title. The SEVEN CHAKRAS installation was included. Directed by Dana Hokin.
CATALOG (for above exhibition) PEEP SHOW, Burmingham Loft, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 1992
ART FOR AIDS - Frick Fine Arts, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Directed by Vicki Clark, Curator, Carnegie Museum.
GROUP AVIARY SHOW - Pittsburgh Aviary. Members of Group A, Directors- Cynthia Bailey and John Bender.

1991 FIVE WOMEN - LaFond Gallery, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The Creation series exhibited with four other
women. Directed by Maria Stillwell.
REVIEWS (about above exhibition I participated in TONY NORMAN, �5 Women� Explore Wide New World of Art, PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE, December, 1991
M.E. MEYER, Women�s Rites: The Female Gaze Redefines the Feminine, IN PITTSBURGH, 1990

BROUSSARD, CERRAI, CUTRI - Herr-Chambliss Fine Arts, Hot Springs Arkansas. Melinda Herr-Chambliss, director.
CONCEPTS AND DIMENSIONS - Trumbull Art Gallery, Warren, Ohio.
1990 THE FEMALE GAZE - Why Not Etna, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. A multi-disciplinary event featuring the visual works of four women, for which I exhibited approximately 15 works.

CAREER RELATED EXPERIENCE_______________________________________

1992-90 CARNEGIE MELLON UNIVERSITY, Pittsburgh, PA, Assistant secretary in the History Department. Hired permanently after various temporary jobs.
1990-88 KUSTOM KORNERS AND CAPPY AND CO., Pittsburgh, PA , custom picture framing
1988 NORTH HILLS ART CENTER, Pittsburgh, PA, Taught Children�s Art Classes, Art Camp
1987 AcutriMents - Erie, PA - entrepreneurial business selling paintings through the interior design industry. Significant client- Fifteen paintings for the Dr. Joseph Barber office.
1987 THE NATURE COMPANY - Worked here as a sales clerk while pursuing fine art.
1987-85 WOODBURY PRESS - Litchfield, Maine, children's book illustrations for Henry the Hesitant Heron by Maine author Jacquelyn Krupinsky
REVIEW (for above book) MEG LONCHARIC, Imagemaker, ERIE TIMES-NEWS, November, 1987

DESIGN / ILLUSTRATION_______________________________________________

1986-84 INMAC CORPORATION - Santa Clara, California; Graphic Designer for international catalog of computer supplies, furniture and accessories, 1984-86. Full color catalog; page layout, design and photo art direction.
1984-81 LIGHT FORCE COMPANY - Santa Cruz, California; Designer - 1983-84, Production Artist - 1981-82 for national vitamins and health food products company. Full color monthly newsletter, ads, package and point of purchase display, labels, books, flip chart, and illustration.

1983 UNIVERSITY OF THE TREES PRESS - - Boulder Creek, CA; illustration for book ads
1981 THE ART STORE, Scotts Valley, CA, custom picture framing

COMMISSIONS/COLLECTIONS (significant artwork that was purchased)______
Dr. Katie Hurst, Hot Springs, Arkansas
Mrs. W. C. Brown, Hot Springs, Arkansas
Mike Marzonie, Phoenix, Arizona
Katherine Massey, Houston Texas
Dr. Dow Stough, Hot Springs, Arkansas
Joe Davis (Olivia Engh Gallery), Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Mr. and Mrs. Charles O�Brien, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Fifteen Paintings for the office of Dr. Joseph Barber, Erie, Pennsylvania

2012 MERCYHURST UNIVERSITY, Full time major courses in Art Therapy anticipated graduation 2014
1984-83 SAN JOSE STATE UNIVERSITY, Full semester courses in product photography and fashion photography, employer sponsored
1983-80 UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA AT SANTA CRUZ, Intensive courses in production techniques and proficiency and book illustration, employer sponsored

1979-78 MERCYHURST COLLEGE, Full-time studies in liberal arts with a major in fine art

1978-77 IVY SCHOOL OF PROFESSIONAL ART, Full-time major courses in commercial art